Stepping Beyond The School Gate!!

The world today is a global village. The lands and opportunities are endless. As part of our education system, we wish to prepare our learners to become globally responsible citizens who can hold their own fort and individuality at any given point of time.

This aspiration makes education a challenging process and takes it beyond imparting text book knowledge. It means developing a sensitive attitude, empathy and rational thinking. We believe that the responsibility of our students does not end once they step outside the school campus or the comfort of their homes, but as responsible citizens it increases two folds. As citizens of the 21st century, we need to instill in our learners appreciation for social cultures, differences in individuals and high level of thinking skills where they can differentiate between right and wrong.

As members of society, our students must have the ability to recognize the interdependence of people around the world, and realize that social and economic injustice, racial and ethnic inequality and ecological loss affect all people.

Staying Ahead!

Teachers are some of those people who have in their hands the power to influence and mould a student’s mind. They have the capacity to instill in the child a love for learning, to keep an open mind and to keep questioning. They have the ability to promote confidence, stir thinking and awaken dreams.

A fully endowed “Resource Centre” on campus is at the disposal of the teachers who are free to make optimum use of these facilities to employ innovative teaching strategies. Such regular refresher courses enable the teachers to take learning a yard ahead of traditional teaching. Such trainings bring new experiences, skills and flexibility into teaching.